Why is your data line so bad that it doesn't work? It turned out to be these reasons!

With the popularity of smart phones, the frequency of changing mobile phones is getting higher and higher, but the trouble is that the frequency of data line replacement is also increasing. After a period of use, it is not good contact. Or if the joint is cracked, one year, the money to buy the data cabel can be changed to a mobile phone.

So why is this? Is there any way to solve this problem?

1. Improper insertion and removal methods

If you look at it carefully, you will find that many people have a lot of bad habits whether they use a mobile phone or use a data cable. For example, when you don't use a mobile phone, you will throw it at the table and other places. When you go out, you will pull the data cable out. The interface of the data cable is sensitive. For a long time, the quality of the data cable is good. Can't stand this slap!

The correct way: When plugging and unplugging, you should try to hold the wire end instead of the wire body so that the data line will not be torn.

2, improper placement

How do you say this? I believe that everyone usually use the data cable to charge the phone when they are fully charged. However, since the charging port or the plug is generally placed in a relatively low position, and the data line itself is long, if it is not charged, if it is not placed, Well, your data cable will easily fall to the ground, not covered with dust. If you are stepped on a foot or something heavy, will it be scrapped?

The correct method: If you have the habit of filling up the data cable with your charge, you can buy the wire conditioner, and clip it when you don't need it. It can protect the life of the data cable and be beautiful.

3, purchased a poor quality product

This does not need to be explained. In order to save a few dollars, many friends usually buy data lines at vendors on the street and on the flyovers, especially the Apple data cable, which is more expensive. Many people will choose to buy wallets. The apple data line of the cottage. But if you pay for a penny, you will never buy it. If you sell it so cheaply, the quality is still very good. What do people rely on to make money? The quality of this kind of cottage products is often very poor, and the service life is too short. If you charge your phone, it will be even worse.

The correct method: choose the original or third-party data line with good reputation, this data line quality is guaranteed.

In summary, in order to extend the service life of the data cable, it is best to develop good habits so that the electronic products can be used for a longer period of time; secondly, the data line brands on the market are mixed, compared to mobile phones. Many friends don't care much about the quality of the data cable. I don't know the details are the most important. If you buy a bad quality data cable, you will waste money and bring a hidden danger to your mobile phone.