Understand the iPhone data cable, some Apple iPhone users will prompt "do not support this accessory" or "This cable or accessory has not been authenticated, so it may not be able to cooperate with this iPhone to work reliably" and cause the problem of being unable to charge. Apple iPhone prompts do not support this accessory What is the reason? What caused the "This cable or accessory has not been certified and therefore may not work reliably with this iPhone?" Lets come look.

The reason for the "doesn't support this accessory" or "this cable or accessory has not yet been certified, so it may not be able to work with the iPhone reliably" appears because of the use of the cottage's lightning data cable or charger? Actually not completely. There are many reasons leading to the problem of not supporting this accessory. Let's analyze it together.

One reason: The Apple data cable used was not MFi certified.

Apple introduced MFi certification to align its peripheral accessories. Uncertified data cables or accessories cannot be recognized by Apple devices. At this time, it is recommended to replace the MFI-certified Apple data cable products. Green Alliance iPhone data line, certified by Apple MFI, is compatible with all iOS systems.

Second reason: If the product passes the MFi certification, even if the original Apple iPhone data cable is used, this type of prompt appears. It is recommended to exclude from the following aspects:

1, lack of power

A. Most of these cases occur when the iPhone or iPad is connected to the USB 2.0 interface of the computer. As we all know, the computer USB2.0 interface output current is only 0.5A, most of which is lower than 0.5A. Too low current will not reach the nominal current of the iPhone/iPad charging, causing the Apple device's power management system to issue a warning. Try to use the charging head to charge the iPhone, or connect the computer's USB3.0 interface

B、Using inferior non-standard charging heads, often the output power is insufficient (less than 5V1A), there will be such accessories without certification tips, for the original charging head, or a good quality charging head (understand Green Union USB charger ), can improve this problem.

2. The lighting charging interface of iPhone/iPad is polluted, resulting in poor contact.

If the charging interface or the gold finger of the MFi-certified connector is contaminated or dusty, resulting in poor contact, uncertified prompts may also appear. In this case, cleaning and scrubbing the golden finger to allow the charging port to better contact with the iPhone data line can effectively solve this problem.

3, the data line is damaged

This may also happen if the iPhone data cable is damaged. At this point only new iPhone data line is available.

The above points are the reason why the iPhone product prompt "does not support this accessory" or "this cable or accessory has not yet been certified and therefore may not work with this iPhone reliably". Through the above method, we can solve this problem

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