The color is different from other data cables. It is divided into red, yellow, blue, and brown. What do you mean by trouble?

And the MP4 charger is first red and white, what do they stand for?

Representative meaning:

The data cable red represents the USB power supply, the white represents the USB data Cable negative, the green represents the USB data cable positive, and the black represents the ground line.

The red charger is the positive pole of the charge, and the white one is the negative pole of the charge.
Data expansion:

Positive electrode: In the primary battery, the device is a power source, and the current flowing out of the electrode has a high potential, which is a positive electrode, and the electrode acts as a reduction, that is, ions or molecules obtain electrons; in the electrolytic cell, the device is an electric appliance, and the connected power source is Precisely, the electrode connected to the positive pole of the power source oxidizes, that is, ions or molecules lose electrons, which is different from the primary battery.

Negative: The negative pole refers to the lower end of the power supply. In the galvanic cell, it refers to the electrode that acts as an oxidation, and the battery reaction is written on the left side. In the electrolytic cell, the electrode that acts as a reduction is distinguished from the primary battery. From a physical point of view, it is a pole of electrons flowing out of the circuit.