Have you ever encountered a new mobile phone data cable, but found that it is no problem to charge, but when you want to connect to the computer to transfer data, how to operate, how to set up is not connected, it really collapses, this What is the problem?

In fact, the big possibility is because you bought a "fake" data line. In other words, you are buying a charging cable, not a data cable, so you can only charge and cannot transfer data.

Nani? The mobile phone data cable is also divided into charging lines and data lines?

Please know the little partner please raise a claw! Then you can go silently with the people around you.

If you don't understand, you can follow the professor and continue to look down!

What is the difference between a charging cable and a data cable?

Maybe before this, there are quite a few small partners who are in a state of arrogance. The mobile phone data lines are not all the same cable. When is there a charging cable?

In fact, they can all be collectively referred to as mobile phone cable, but the charging cable and the data cable are indeed different.

Functional difference:

The difference in functionality is well understood.

The charging cable, as its name suggests, can only be used to charge the phone;

The data cable, in addition to being able to charge, can also be connected to a computer to transmit data;

In other words, the data line can be used as a charging line, but the charging line does not necessarily work as a data line.

The difference in structure:

The reason why there is a functional difference, the most direct factor is that the structure is different. Let's first look at the structure of the data line.

The first is the core, which is made up of various wires and their functions are different.

Refer to a section of professional explanation online:

Red line: positive power supply (marked on the wiring: +5V or VCC)

White line: Negative voltage data line (identified as: Data- or USB Port -)

Green line: positive voltage data line (identified as: Data+ or USB Port +)

Black line: Ground (identified as: GROUND or GND).

These need to be opened inside the data cable to see, such as the Green Link Apple data cable that the professor has previously removed. The interior is probably like this:

Everyone can easily understand the lines of different colors above. Overall, internal cores like this are good.

Compare Apple's original core to know ~

However, when we buy and use the data cable, we will not be idle (duan) (duo) to open and see what lines there are, anyway, you can use it (who is not like this [/ proud face]) .

So, what are the functional differences and effects of the contacts of the usb male (that is, the big one in the data line)?

Please take out your data line and swing with the professor, oh no, look at it together.

As shown below, the side of the usb port with the contact is facing up:

Then from left to right, you can see that there are 4 contacts. The functions corresponding to the lines connected by these contacts are:

1. The grounding wire, that is, the black wire, is also called the zeroing wire;

2. Read the data line, connect the green wire, that is, the signal outlet, which can be understood as the signal output;

3. Write the data line, connect the white wire, and the signal enters the line, which can be understood as signal input;

4. The positive pole of the power supply, connected to the red wire, can also be said to be +5V line.

Everyone should be very clear when seeing this. The middle two are reading and writing data lines. It is because of these two lines that the data cable can support the connection of the mobile phone to the computer to transmit data.

However, in order to save costs, some charging lines directly remove the two lines in the middle, that is, the function of reading and writing data is removed, so if you buy such a line, you will find that it can only be charged and cannot transmit data lines.

In order to make profits, some unscrupulous manufacturers use the charging line without data transmission function as a data line to sell, which leads to many machine friends who do not know the resolution easily. After buying it, they find that they can only charge and cannot transmit data, and it is still inexplicable.

Therefore, when selecting the data line, either the original or the third party of the regular brand has at least a certain guarantee in terms of quality and function.

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