The coarseness and thinness of the data lines are very small in terms of resistance. This can be confirmed by calculating the resistance of copper. Therefore, its impact on the charging speed is hardly noticeable to you. Some people have no specific concept about the difference between wire diameter and resistance. Here we take the data: AWG25 wire diameter 0.44mm, cross-sectional area 0.16mm2, resistance value is 79Ω/km, that is 0.8mmΩ/cmAWG22 wire diameter 0.6mm, cross-sectional area 0.32 In mm2, the resistance value is 54Ω/km, that is, the difference between 0.5mΩ/cm and 1 is twice. How large is the effect on the charging voltage? Assume that the charging line is 50CM long. Let us calculate its resistance value and the voltage drop on the line when the charging voltage is 5V and the charging current is 1A: AWG32, R=50*0.8m=0.04Ω, and the voltage drop is 0.04V on the 5V power line. That is, there is 4.96VAWG22 when reaching the mobile phone, R=50*0.5m=0.025Ω, and the voltage drop is 0.025V on the 5V line of the power supply end, that is, the voltage-related 0.015V when the 4.975V reaches the mobile phone when it reaches the mobile phone. This voltage difference You do not feel any difference in charging at all. The biggest impact on the charging speed is the charger's output power or output current. If you are charging on a computer's USB port, the output current is up to 500mA. If it is connected to a charger that can output 1A, the charging speed can be doubled. If you have to say, what is the difference between the original data line and the non-original one will affect the speed, I guess, should refer to the transmission speed. Non-original data lines do not necessarily have enough material for interference shielding, which results in a high transmission bit error rate and reduces transmission speed. In fact, you don't have to worry about the original and non-genuine issues. Many of the original lines and non-original lines were produced by one manufacturer and one worker. Only one was branded with the original brand and the other was not branded.