iPhone Usb Cable purchasing method

Most people think that the key to buying the largest Usb Cable is the price. In fact, this is the biggest misunderstanding. Just mentioned, the Micro Usb Cable according to the manufacturers to be divided into domestic brands and domestic unlicensed, domestic brands without licenses, the quality is really bad, 3 out of which there is a bad one, make customers keep nonstop Suspected that your computer is too bad, and you don't recognize it on your computer! Therefore, it is a key factor to distinguish clearly the quality of products and find a good seller.
More powerful sellers are generally the guarantee of product quality, because they also do not want to sell the Usb Cables have been returned and exchanged it, do not say back and forth the postage bar, even if the time and energy have to consume a lot. Therefore, the gold sellers will cooperate with famous and reputable manufacturers. The general failure rate of these manufacturers is 1%, and the failure rate of some bad manufacturers is 30%. This is why the price of the data cable with the same model function is twice the price. For example: Some Usb Cables sell 12 yuan, there are 25 yuan, and the express delivery is 15 yuan, if the 12 yuan is a bad quality line, Can not be used normally, you have to call the seller to consult, a phone call for at least 10 minutes (possibly played several times), a conservative estimate of 5 yuan of telephone charges, and ultimately under the guidance of the seller's phone, or can not be used normally, leading to In exchange for goods, then you will need at least 15 additional postage fees (at least if you send back the money in the past, you can only pay $12 for a line, and the seller will not be able to post a 15 yuan courier fee for you. The bad buyer's replacement courier fee is still on your head, is 30 yuan), so that the total price is not far higher than the 25 yuan of the root line. This is only a financial loss. If you spend 3 nights playing this line, then the loss in time is even more incalculable. What's even worse is that the Usb Cables coming through are still not working properly. I thought about your mood....
Even with the same Usb Cables, buyers enjoy different prices and services from different vendors. High prices may be accompanied by free tests, technical consultations, website downloads, free replacements, and guided installations. Why is the price of coffee bar higher than that of tea shop? This is the same reason that service and grades are different.
Therefore, we have always firmly believed that for a single price, the Usb Cable is not simply the price of the line, but also the content of technology and after-sales service. It is impossible to maintain a balance between low prices and services.