In fact, only three tricks are needed to identify the data USB CABLE:
Look outside. The outer layer is the outermost layer of the data cable, and is the most intuitive part. The data line outside the market is generally divided into PVC and TPE materials: PVC is a common plastic, cheap, and more for small workshops, and harmful to the environment; TPE is A new type of material with high elasticity, high strength, and plastic injection-molding characteristics of rubber. The data line made of TPE is durable, smooth to the touch, safe and non-toxic, and does not cause any irritation to human skin. .
Today's international first-line brands such as YiLinks mostly use TPE as the data line outer cover material. When selecting data lines, we should generally choose the data line with thick diameter and non-reflective surface of the wire. The thicker the wire is, the higher the tensile strength is. The copper core has a good protective effect; the less reflective the surface of the wire shows that the higher the content of TPE in the wire, the better elasticity of the data line, anti-aging, not easy to break.
Therefore, a good data line will be slightly larger in quality and wire diameter than ordinary wire, and its hand feels smooth and thick.
Look inside the core. Good data line adopts thicker high-quality copper core, can pass 2A high current, ensure fast charging, and generate less heat; outsourcing has aluminum foil and metal braided net shield, anti-electromagnetic interference, transmission faster and more stable; In addition, the wiring harness contains Fiber filaments make the data lines difficult to break. Because the core of the data cable cannot be directly seen by the naked eye, the data lines with a thicker diameter, a heavier weight, and a harder wire should be selected as far as possible during the purchase.
Look at the connector. Good data lines are also kept at the joints. Joints adopt integrated press technology. They are exquisitely crafted, compact and durable, and the insulation layer is soft and tightly fitted with wire harnesses. The metal plugs are clean and bright, and there are obvious differences from common knockoff goods.